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Our film distribution began in the late 2008's when our principle helped distribute a number of natural history and adventure films: The North Face (2008) and  180 Degrees South: Conquerors of the Useless (2010) in conjunction with our predecessor and Magnolia Films throughout the Atlanta area to film festivals, art house cinemas and outdoor events. Fast forward ten years, ZMI Productions, in coordination with HaganArts, produces original documentaries for distribution. Copyrights holder HaganArts is a non-profit venture focused on storytelling, fine art, art education and multicultural productions - and serves as the Hagan Family Foundation arts program.

We run a diverse program focused on original material for release, capturing elements of life that can be both meaningful and socially progressive. ZMI produces shorts, feature length documentaries, social action media and audio recordings for podcasts. 

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